Silver Tip-4-29-21

Noeleen & Mark –

The demolition continues, with another week of good progress.  The crew framed a working platform over the entry hallway, for working on the north dormer.  The partition (non-load bearing) walls upstairs have been removed, and they are breaking up the radiant floor heat topping slab.  The masons have finished removing the south terrace stone and have started on removing the stone veneer on the house, where necessary.  The terrace slab looks to be in fine shape, so no need to replace that.  Also, just got a detail drawing from the structural engineer on how we can add some reinforcing to the steel beam over the Master Bedroom, so that we don’t have to remove that beam.  That is a big savings in labor and steel material.  I’ve got new numbers on the windows, just need to review each quote for accuracy, and then I will send them to you on Monday, and we can order the windows.  It does look like JeldWen has the best number, when you figure in the interior finish, and the lead time is much better than the Loewen windows.  – – – Dave

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