Zimmerman 12/9/16

This was an interesting week of weather. Last weekend we got about 12″ of snow at the site, and Monday night began a cold snap of subzero temperatures that barely climbed into the single digits at the warmest part of the day. Today it’s snowing again, with up to 18″ more inches expected by Sunday. […]

Zimmerman 12/2/16

This week we had a bit more snow, and several very cold days. A large herd (100 or so) of elk has been roaming the neighborhood and their bugling starts up every evening as we’re wrapping up the site for the day. The framers finished the roof framing on the west wing of the house, […]

Zimmerman 11/18/16

After 3″ of snow yesterday, today is cold (13°) and sunny. The excavator finished trenching and laying the water line to the main house, and added the hydrant on Monday. The electrical trench was prepped and ready for Lower Valley’s return on Tuesday. They transferred power from the temporary panel to the main service panel. […]

Zimmerman 11/10/16

This week the crew focused on making progress on the master wing roof. The structure is all framed, and the guys are working on outlookers, subfascia, overbuild, and sheathing. The painters are on site pre-staining the exterior cedar for the ARU. They will let it dry over the weekend, and the carpenters will begin installing […]

Zimmerman 11/3/16

The framers have been busy this week. They prepped the fireplace wall for the ridge beam, and the crane arrived Wednesday afternoon. They set the glulam ridge, and then continued to set the rest of the trusses over the breakfast room area. Today and tomorrow they are working on the remaining roof rafters, outlookers, and […]

Zimmerman 10/27/16

The weather continues to alternate between winter and fall. Monday the crew was rained out, as heavy rain, cold and wind prevailed throughout the valley. Tuesday the crew was able to work for most of the day before getting rained out again – they completed the overbuild and roof sheeting on the east end of […]

Zimmerman 10/21/16

The weather this week started out snowy, but cleared up and remained cold throughout. The site continues to be muddy and wet, but the crew continues to work to complete the framing. They completed the roof plywood on the east wing of the house this week, and are working on the overbuild that connects the […]

Zimmerman 10/13/16

The crew worked last Saturday to make up for the bad weather last week – they contunued sheathing of the exterior walls, and roof framing, and setting some remaining trusses. They also prepped the interior and exterior fireplace slabs, and the concrete for these slabs was poured Monday morning. The mason set the CMU block […]

Zimmerman 10/6/16

This week we have been faced with the beginning of winter. Monday and Tuesday were wet, cold and windy, and Wednesday and Thursday saw high winds, rain, and several inches of snow at the site. The weather is expected to improve over the next few days, and the crew plans to put in some long […]

Zimmerman 9/29/16

This was a productive week for the main house. Monday was spent prepping for the truss install. Blocking was cut, and some final frame details were taken care of. The crane arrived Tuesday morning and the crew got straight to work setting the trusses over the jr. master, and then moved on to the garage/guest […]

Zimmerman 9/22/16

On Monday the truss package for the main house arrived. They were offloaded in front of the garage; we have a crane scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to lift the larger 42′ trusses into place over the garage and guest bedroom wings. The remaining roof framing package has arrived and is being […]

Zimmerman 8/25/16

The valley has been extremely smokey this week due to all the forest fires in the area. Last week, while the excavator prepped the remaining crawlspace and garage foundations, the framing crew made a lot of progress on the first floor wall framing over the basement. The concrete crew was able to form and pour the […]

Zimmerman 8/12/16

The framers made some great progress this week on the main house floor framing. Monday morning we took delivery of the open web joists that will span over the basement. The crew went straight to work on layout, bracing and securing the joists. The building inspector signed off on the joists on Wednesday and the […]

Zimmerman 8/4/16

We have had hot temperatures this week, and the air has been extremely smokey with all the local forest fires. Things are moving along – the excavator was able to backfill 5′ of pit run against the basement walls to make work easier for the framing crew as they mobilize their equipment and scaffolding. The bulk […]

Zimmerman 7/29/16

This week was focused on getting the basement concrete slab poured. The excavator mobilized with his skidsteer and compactor inside the basement in order to prep with structural fill and washed rock. The plumber and electrician were on site setting the in-slab drain lines, sewer lift station, floor drains, and floor outlet boxes. The insulator […]

Zimmerman 7/22/16

The framing crew installed the trusses for the ARU on Monday, and have been busy completing the remaining blocking, bracing, roof overbuild, and venting. They put the plywood on the roof, and will be back next week for the timbers. The excavator has installed the perimeter drain system around the basement foundation footings, and has […]

Zimmerman 7/14/16

We poured the crawlspace walls on Monday at noon… in 37° temperatures. The weather was cold, wet and windy, but the holddowns and embeds were installed, and the pour went smoothly. The weather the rest of this week has been great. The forms were stripped from the concrete walls on Tuesday morning, and the waterproofing […]

Zimmerman 7/7/16

After taking the 4th of July off, the concrete crew descended in full force on the site Tuesday afternoon. Holddowns and blockouts were double checked, and then the crew of 13 poured 12 full trucks of concrete. They started with the west crawlspace footings and then poured the basement walls. Pierson Landworks was back on […]

Zimmerman 6/30/16

Pierson was back on site on Monday to set points on the basement footings – this allows us to get a Certificate of Placement for the building, which is required by the county prior to pouring the concrete walls. The concrete crew mobilized their crane and have been busy setting the basement wall forms; they […]

Zimmerman 6/16/16

We started the week with a site meeting with VP Electric to discuss alternate locations for the transformer and main service location. After conferring with Kurt on the potential cost savings, the decision was made to move the transformer to the northeast corner of the property, and to relocate the main service on the east […]

Zimmerman 6/10/16

The excavator finished digging the ARU this week, and Pierson LW mobilized again to stake points in the hole for the foundation. They were also able to stake some points in the west crawlspace of the main house, and pinned several of the piers for the terrace timbers and exterior fireplace. The driveway is completely […]

Zimmerman 6/2/16

This week the excavator continued grubbing grass and sagebrush from the site. The waterline was located and marked with the help of Gros Ventre Utility. The guys are working on digging out the road and laying structural fill on it. They dug the guest house crawlspace, and will begin prepping it for concrete work next […]

Zimmerman 5/26/16

After Pierson staked out the corners of the home on Tuesday, we met at the site with Kurt to walk through the layout and go over some preliminary administrative tasks. Pete’s Excavation mobilized to the site Wednesday morning and has begun layout. He will continue clearing the grass and topsoil, and digging the road, through the […]

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