Zimmerman 9/22/16

On Monday the truss package for the main house arrived. They were offloaded in front of the garage; we have a crane scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to lift the larger 42′ trusses into place over the garage and guest bedroom wings. The remaining roof framing package has arrived and is being held at the lumber yard until we have some more space on site. The framers continue to frame and stand exterior walls, and have completed the garage walls as well. The window package for the ARU arrived on Wednesday and is being stored under cover. We hope to confirm and finalize all the details on the exterior finish package soon so the exterior finish on the ARU can proceed. The electricians continue to work on placing boxes in the ARU and will wait for the interior elevations before they go much further. The plumber will install the roof jacks early next week, and the roofer is scheduled for early October.



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