Zimmerman 11/3/16

The framers have been busy this week. They prepped the fireplace wall for the ridge beam, and the crane arrived Wednesday afternoon. They set the glulam ridge, and then continued to set the rest of the trusses over the breakfast room area. Today and tomorrow they are working on the remaining roof rafters, outlookers, and hope to start in on the roof sheeting. VP Electric has been busy installing the main service on the side of the main house, and they will continue to work on building the service up. We are on the hook-up schedule for Lower Valley for the week of the 14th, so they have plenty of time to get it set up. They are also continuing to rough in boxes and cans at the ARU, and should start to pull some wire next week. The windows are installed at the ARU, and the cedar soffit, fascia, and trim package arrived from Evergreen today. Install of the exterior finishes should start up again next week. The forecast shows sunny, cold weather for the next week, so the excavator should mobilize next week for trenching the main water and power, and to do some smooth grading in preparation for winter conditions (ie, plowing). Looking forward to some good continued progress on the framing with the nice forecast.


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