Zimmerman 8/12/16

The framers made some great progress this week on the main house floor framing. Monday morning we took delivery of the open web joists that will span over the basement. The crew went straight to work on layout, bracing and securing the joists. The building inspector signed off on the joists on Wednesday and the crew started the plywood floor sheeting soon after. They have sealed the plywood floor and are beginning to layout the walls on the plywood with chalk lines. They are also starting in on the 2×4 furring walls in the basement that will allow insulation, plumbing, and electrical to be run between the concrete wall and the drywall. The excavator remobilized to prep the ARU garage and terrace slabs, and is now working on backfilling structural fill against the basement walls so the remaining foundation footings and walls can be poured in the upcoming weeks.


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