Zimmerman 12/2/16

This week we had a bit more snow, and several very cold days. A large herd (100 or so) of elk has been roaming the neighborhood and their bugling starts up every evening as we’re wrapping up the site for the day. The framers finished the roof framing on the west wing of the house, including the cold roof framing. They have most of the interior walls on the first floor framed up, with some drop ceilings, basement framing, and ridge vents still to do. They’ve mobilized to the exterior again and are working on the timbers for the covered porches and pergolas. The timber connectors have been delivered, so they should make good progress on these areas in the next week or so.

The soffit and venting is complete at the ARU, and the windows have all been trimmed. The belly band is going up next, which will set the boundaries for the cedar siding. The electrical trench from the main house to the ARU was dug last week – VP pulled wire and conduit through, and the excavator backfilled it on Tuesday. Their rough-in is mostly complete. The HVAC sub was on site Monday and Tuesday and completed all the venting for the dryer, bathroom fan, and microhood. We just waiting on the plumber to do his rough-in and then can get the unit insulated.





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