Zimmerman 6/16/16

We started the week with a site meeting with VP Electric to discuss alternate locations for the transformer and main service location. After conferring with Kurt on the potential cost savings, the decision was made to move the transformer to the northeast corner of the property, and to relocate the main service on the east side of the main house. VP Electric was back on site Thursday to set up a temporary panel next to the transformer and run temporary power to the site, and Lower Valley’s crew was on site this morning installing the transformer and line. The concrete crew mobilized Tuesday afternoon and started forming the footings for the ARU on Wednesday. The footings were inspected this morning by the county and the footings were poured immediately after. Pierson LandWorks is also back on site this morning staking points in the hole for the basement and east crawlspace, and putting hubs on the ARU footings so we can start to form the concrete walls.


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