Zimmerman 10/13/16

The crew worked last Saturday to make up for the bad weather last week – they contunued sheathing of the exterior walls, and roof framing, and setting some remaining trusses. They also prepped the interior and exterior fireplace slabs, and the concrete for these slabs was poured Monday morning. The mason set the CMU block at the exterior fireplace. The steel columns and beam were set on Wednesday, and the crane is scheduled for next week to set the remaining glu-lam beams. ┬áThe weather finally dried up enough for the insulator to spray foam the garage slab, and the concrete slab was poured Thursday morning. The fascia and exterior trim on the ARU are moving forward, and the porch decking was installed today. The siding, soffit and trim for the ARU have all been ordered, so we hope to see those on site in a few weeks, as well as the roofing material.




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