Zimmerman 5/26/16

After Pierson staked out the corners of the home on Tuesday, we met at the site with Kurt to walk through the layout and go over some preliminary administrative tasks. Pete’s Excavation mobilized to the site Wednesday morning and has begun layout. He will continue clearing the grass and topsoil, and digging the road, through the end of this week. His loader and excavator will arrive on site tomorrow and he’ll start in on prepping the foundations. The electrical line extension application has been submitted and we should soon be on the schedule for work. We have Construction-Zone signs and portable toilet on site, and will mark off foundation holes with red caution tape.

The weather so far this week has been rainy and stormy interspersed with sun, and occasional overnight snow high up in the mountains. Next week we’ll continue with the site work, and will continue with mobilization tasks. The photos below were taken yesterday afternoon and today. It’s a beautiful site, and we are looking forward to seeing your home develop.



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