Zimmerman 12/9/16

This was an interesting week of weather. Last weekend we got about 12″ of snow at the site, and Monday night began a cold snap of subzero temperatures that barely climbed into the single digits at the warmest part of the day. Today it’s snowing again, with up to 18″ more inches expected by Sunday. The plowing company is doing a great job staying on top of the snowfall and making sure we have adequate space to work and park. Despite the cold, the electricians were able to pull the last bit of wire over to the ARU on Tuesday, and the carpenters continued to work on the exterior finish. The plumber wrapped up his waste pipe and venting at the ARU today, and needs another day or two to complete rough-in on the water lines. The framers made some headway on the exercise room timbers and the front entry timbers, and wrapped up some punch-list framing at the ARU. Overall, a tough week due to the cold and heavy snowfall, but we’re moving along!



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