Zimmerman 11/9/17

More finishing touches this week. After a meeting on Monday with TDF, the electricians have mostly completed hanging decorative light fixtures to the recommended heights. The AV guys delivered the rack for the basement, and are installing the remaining keypads, thermostats, and speakers. Watchguard has the smoke detection system in place and tied into fire […]

Zimmerman 11/3/17

This week the trim carpenters installed the remaining stairs skirt and oak railing cap. They also finished installing door hardware in the basement. Several of the appliances were installed, including the kitchen range, beverage cooler, ice maker, and grill liner. The safe arrived and was installed in the office cabinet. The electricians continue to trim […]

Zimmerman 10/27/17

More finish work on site this week, with electricians and plumbers continuing trim out. Video vision installed keypads and speakers in the finished rooms. The painters applied stain and lacquer to most of the great room trim, and are prepping the timbers for stain. The carpenters wrapped up the remaining baseboard and completed the stair […]

Zimmerman 10/20/17

Finishes are really starting to come together this week. The carpet is installed in the guest wing hallway and jr. master, and the 3 guest bedrooms are close behind. Next week he’ll finish those up and then install the exercise and rec room carpet. Furnaces are up and running in the guest wing, and the […]

Zimmerman 10/5/17

Fall weather is in full force this week. Temperatures are much cooler and leaves are changing all over the valley. We took delivery of the hot tub yesterday. It is set in place and ready to be hooked up and filled. We will discuss the layout of the bluestone cap on Monday when we meet […]

Zimmerman 9/28/17

The site is drying out again after a week of rain. Trucks continue to bring in fill dirt, where it is stockpiled on the south side of the property. Excavator should be back this weekend or early next week (pending decent weather) to build the remaining berm and spread the fill on the north side. […]

Zimmerman 9/21/17

September 21 and the first photo of your update shows snow on the roof. Heavy snow up high in the mountains, but we’re expecting sun and warmer temperatures again next week. Fates flooring has installed the oak floors in the master/office area, and are doing final sanding and staining today. They will put a coat […]

Zimmerman 8/25/17

This was a short work week; we had perfect weather and very manageable crowds for the total solar eclipse. Everything stayed pretty quite on site Monday and Tuesday. The final electrical inspection was passed at the ARU on Tuesday morning, and the county building inspector signed off on the final inspection later that afternoon. This […]

Zimmerman 8/18/17

The countdown to certificate of occupancy has begun for the ARU. Last week carpet, appliances, and door hardware were installed, and plumbing trim out and the final coat of poly on the floors were also completed. Watchguard has set up a temporary panel that activates the smoke detectors for our final inspection. The county engineer […]

Zimmerman 8/4/17

This week the excavator started digging for the septic system. He has both tanks placed, and sewer pipe run from the houses to the tanks. He’ll get those inspected early next week, then move on to the leach field. The masons are working on the bluestone kitchen terrace, and also inside. They’ve set both lintels, […]

Zimmerman 7/27/17

The masons made a lot of progress this week. They completed the exterior fireplace, including the lintel, mantel, corbels, and remaining stone veneer. They’ve moved inside and are laying stone for the base of the hearth, which they’ll bring in tomorrow.  We also had two truckloads of bluestone delivered last Friday, so there are 20+ […]

Zimmerman 7/20/17

Paint and trim continued upstairs this week. The painters finished primer in the great room/kitchen and have two coats of paint on the ceilings. The trim carpenters finished the guest wing and are working in the master wing on window trim. The drywall crew returned and hung sheetrock in the basement, and the county signed […]

Zimmerman 7/13/17

Another week of beautiful hot weather and some thunderstorms thrown in. Monday morning the crane arrived to set both chimney caps. The masons set the exterior hearth, and will be back again once the bluestone shipment arrives. The excavator prepped the fire pit and the hot tub. The painters finished stain/lacquer in the ARU, and […]

Zimmerman 7/7/17

This was a short work week with Independence Day, but subs have been going full force since Wednesday. The roofers are back on site installing the gable end shingles, and will finish up the roof around the great room chimney after that. The mason was on site this morning confirming chimney cap sizes, and finishing […]

Zimmerman 6/29/17

Heavy rain and thunderstorms blew through the valley every day so far this week. The masons were able to finish up the rock work at the front entry, except for the stones around the front door, which will go in after the door is set. The sheetrockers are almost finished hanging the first floor, with […]

Zimmerman 6/23/17

The tile setters continued working this week in the guest bedrooms and are mostly wrapped up. They will save the last pieces of tile until after the slab thresholds and shelves have been set. All the interior doors in the guest wing have been hung, and the carpenters are starting to put together the interior […]

Zimmerman 6/16/17

This week the Guest House siding was completed. The roofer delivered a palette of shingles for the gable end shingle siding, and will hopefully get started on that in the next couple weeks. He also delivered the metal chimney cap flashing, which will allow the masons to continue their stone work up to the top […]

Zimmerman 6/9/17

Beautiful warm weather this week, which mean snow melt and runoff are at their peaks. The road to Kelly is closed due to flooding, the bike path is under 3′ of water, and Cattleman’s bridge over the Gros Ventre on Spring Gulch Road is closed due to high water until further notice. But the site […]

Zimmerman 6/5/17

Sorry for the delay on this update. It was a very busy week, and wrapped up Friday with the concrete pour over the hydronic heat tubing. The west wing is now ready for subfloor and sheetrock. The insulation was inspected and passed on Tuesday. The oak trim package for the east wing of the main […]

Zimmerman 5/25/17

Nice weather all week. The siding crew finished installing and trimming the gable end vents, and have moved on to the ARU. The interior door trim at the ARU is mostly wrapped up – the front door is installed, and they will trim the windows next. The plumber finished all the shower valves in the […]

Zimmerman 5/18/17

Two days of cold and snow this week, and we’re hoping they’re the last. The insulators were on site and finished spraying the master wing and most of the great room. They’ll finish up the rest of the first floor and part of the basement next week. HVAC was on site working on the remaining […]

Zimmerman 5/11/17

We have had almost summer-like weather so far this week with sunny days and a few afternoon thunderstorms. The site is dry, and the grass is green. The excavator will move back on site next week to do more major digging, and to prep terraces. We have a lot of the rough-in trades trickling in and […]

Zimmerman 5/4/17

We’ve finally had a full week of sun, and the site is dried out (again). The excavator did a site walk yesterday and plans to return later this month to dig the ARU water line, and work on terrace prep and rough grading. Upstairs rough-in has wrapped up. The building inspector did his final inspection […]

Zimmerman 4/13/17

We had almost a full week of nice weather, and the carpenters made good progress on the siding. The timber crew continues to work on interior timbers, and are also working on the knee braces on the outside. Sheetrock was delivered Monday, and the entire east wing (minus the garage) has been sheet rocked and […]

Zimmerman 4/7/17

Just when we think spring has sprung… 2.5″ of new snow covered the ground Tuesday morning. It melted quickly, and the site continues to dry out nicely, despite intermittent rain showers. Last Friday we passed a partial rough-in inspection on the east wing, and the insulators completed the spray foam and fiberglass batts on that […]

Zimmerman 3/30/17

Monday morning brought an inch of snow on the ground, but it quickly melted, and the site had two nice sunny days to dry out. We had several productive site meetings with respective trades. Rough-in continues, with electricians, Video Vision, Watchguard, plumbers, HVAC, and fire sprinklers all on site. The east wing has been completed, and […]

Zimmerman 3/23/17

This has been a very busy week for all trades. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, AV, fire sprinklers, the mason, and roofers were all on site, not to mention the crew working on interior timbers and exterior finish. The electricians have mostly wrapped up pulling wire to all the outlets and lights on the east side of […]

Zimmerman 3/17/17

We had some warm weather this week, and much of the site has melted out. The topsoil mountains are again visible, and the road and parking areas are free of ice and snow…for now. The roofers mobilized on Monday, starting on the east end of the house and making their way across to the west. […]

Zimmerman 3/10/17

Another gray week, with several inches of snow falling from Sunday night through Wednesday. Rain will continue through the weekend, but the crew was still able to wrap up all the soffit at the front entry, and install a few more windows and doors. The breakfast room pergola timbers are complete and the fir decking […]

Zimmerman 3/2/17

We had a busy site this week. The framers returned for some punch list framing items, and the timber crew continued working on the roof over the kitchen pergola. The exterior finish crew wrapped up all the fascia, and most of the soffit, at the front of the house. HVAC and plumbing subs continue their […]

Zimmerman 2/23/17

More crazy weather this week, with cold, rain, sleet, snow, high winds, only 1 Teton Pass closure, and a dose of sunshine sandwiched in between. The crew wrapped up the front entry timbers and roof framing early this week, and moved around back to work on the kitchen pergola. The timbers there are complete, and […]

Zimmerman 2/16/17

The cold temperatures and sunny skies this week have been a welcome change of scenery. Things are back to normal in the valley, with the only negative residual at the site being the icy parking area. The crew has been back at work on fascia and soffit, rounding the west corner of the house and […]

Zimmerman 2/10/17

Lots to report this week weather-wise, which unfortunately means not a lot to report project-wise. Teton Pass closed Monday night for avalanche clean up and control, and remains closed through tomorrow. Snake River Canyon also closed on Wednesday due to avalanches, and a large wind storm blew out power at Teton Village. The county has […]

Zimmerman 2/2/17

The electricians were absent this week due to the flu going around, but the plumbers made some great progress running waste and vent pipes throughout the main house. We had a few productive meetings with them regarding overall plans, roof/wall penetrations, and main lines. Also met again with Rocky Mountain Heating to confirm and finalize […]

Zimmerman 1/19/17

Another week of harsh temperatures early on, with heavy snow today. We’re expecting 4 inches overnight with more on the way over the weekend, but the warmer 15° temperatures are certainly welcome! More windows are being installed this week, and the crew has also transitioned to fascia and soffit install on the main house. The […]

Zimmerman 1/12/17

Some reports say 54″ of snow has fallen this week. Monday was warm with high winds and rain, resulting in avalanches all over Teton County and forcing closures of all roads in and out of the valley. Tuesday and Wednesday we had more snow and wind, and today is finally 20° and sunny out. With […]

Zimmerman 1/5/17

More winter weather extremes, with 6 more inches of snow early in the week, and -25° at the site this morning (and tomorrow as well). We’ve got a good jump on snow removal/management, but several more feet of snow are expected by mid next week. The crew continues to work on the interior framing, jumping […]

Zimmerman 12/22/16

While it’s currently -20° at the site this morning, the sun is shining and the crews are trying to make progress. We had another 6″ of snow with high winds on Tuesday, and yesterday was a balmy 22° with sunshine. Framing progress has continued on the main house timbers and ridge vent. Tyvek is going […]

Zimmerman 12/15/16

This week the crew continued to focus on the exterior timbers and pergolas. The 2×6 fir decking for the pergola roofs arrived on Monday, and the cedar fascia for the main house arrived on Thursday. The carpenters are gearing up for tyvek, windows, and fascia install. The preliminary framing inspection for the main house was […]

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