Zimmerman 10/21/16

The weather this week started out snowy, but cleared up and remained cold throughout. The site continues to be muddy and wet, but the crew continues to work to complete the framing. They completed the roof plywood on the east wing of the house this week, and are working on the overbuild that connects the different roof truss lines. The walls around the whole house have been sheathed two courses up on the west end, and the sheathing is complete on the east end, tying the lower framing in to the upper gable end framing. The main house garage drains were cleared out and installed, and are draining well.  The fascia on the ARU was completed this week, and the roofers completed dry-in last Friday (installing the Ice & Water Shield and Feltex membrane that goes under the metal and shake roof). The finish crew (and roofers) should be back within the next several weeks to continue on with the exterior finish there. Next week we hope to excavate and lay conduit for the electrical service, and water line, so these systems can be tested, and possibly even up and running, before winter is over.



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