Zimmerman 7/7/16

After taking the 4th of July off, the concrete crew descended in full force on the site Tuesday afternoon. Holddowns and blockouts were double checked, and then the crew of 13 poured 12 full trucks of concrete. They started with the west crawlspace footings and then poured the basement walls. Pierson Landworks was back on site Wednesday afternoon to mark points on the footings, and the crew will spend the rest of the week stripping the concrete forms and loading them up to haul away. They are also forming the foundation walls for the west crawlspace. The framing crew has been making excellent progress on the ARU – they have all the interior walls framed, and have moved on to sheathing the exterior. They will wait for the excavator to backfill before working on the roof so they can set up scaffolding around the house. We have been reviewing truss drawings for the ARU, and shop drawings for the open web joists over the basement of the main house. These items should start showing up on the site in the next several weeks.



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