John & Marlene – The carpet installation started today in the upstairs bedrooms, with pieces being rough cut and placed in the bedrooms.  Pella came out with their VIP service, and placed all of the screens, installed the finish window cranks and covers, and adjusted their exterior doors.  The landscapers have installed the sod, sprinklers, […]


John & Marlene – The painters are finishing up the handrail caps, and we will install them early next week.  The electricians will be back next week to finish installing the fixtures we’ve received lately, and to trim out the floor outlets in the Living Room, now that the wood floor has been final coated. […]


John & Marlene – The home stretch!  The steel panels are installed on the chimney, and look great.  The electricians are trimmed out, except for a few outlets and the breakfast area chandelier, which they will take care of next week.  The painter’s finished the timbers at the front entry, and are essentially done.  We […]


John & Marlene – The steel panels are done on the chimney up to the roof.  We should have the section done above the roof by mid-next week.  The painters are on final touch-up.  The plumbers are done with trim-out, and the HVAC crew will do their trim-out next week.  The electricians are back onsite […]


John & Marlene – With the improvement in the weather (it stopped snowing!), the painters are finishing up the front porch timbers, and putting a coat of sealer on the deck stairs that were installed too late last fall to seal.  They finished the garage, and are cleaning up and doing touch-up where needed.  Jesse […]


John & Marlene – The painters are finishing up the garage, and should be down to mostly touch-up next week.  The railings are installed, and I will have some railing wood caps mocked up for Chris to look at on Tuesday.  The latest info. that Jody gave me for the carpet got a thumbs up […]


John & Marlene – Appliances for the Kitchen and Wine Island were delivered and installed this week.  We have to change the plug for the wall oven, which the electricians will do on Monday.  Plumbers were back today to continue trim-out – setting toilets, faucets, and hooking up the gas to the range.  The cabinet […]


John & Marlene – The railings are painted, and will be installed next week.  The painter is finishing up the garage, and some touch-up and drywall patches here and there.  The weather has been cold with a few showers this week, although it is supposed to clear out tomorrow.  The painters are planning on working […]


John & Marlene – Neal finished up the countertops this week, and the plumbers will start their trim-out next week. Unfortunately, our plumber is on vacation this week, so couldn’t get started when Neal finished. The electricians were onsite all week, trimming out fans, ext. sconces, outlets, switches, under cabinet lighting, and wiring mechanical equipment […]


John & Marlene – The painters have painted the registers, and were installing them today. They are also working on the steel railings. Neal showed up today and worked on setting tops, installing backsplashes, and drilling holes for the faucets. The plumbers can now start next week on their trim-out. The electricians will be onsite […]


John & Marlene – Sorry that I can’t seem to download photos this morning! Just went by the house and took my weekly update photos, but I can’t transfer them to the computer. Very frustrating. Everything from fonts to background colors changed on my computer this week. Hopefully on Monday, with Lindsey’s help, I can […]


John & Marlene – The electricians started trim-out today, and are moving through the upstairs. The painters are moving into the garage, so I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning and moving the last few days. The HVAC crew were here yesterday, and installed the range hood. The cabinet installers were onsite earlier in the […]


John & Marlene – The painters are finishing up the main living area on the 1st floor, and will be moving into the garage next week to finish up that area. The electricians will be onsite next week to do trim-out, and plan on putting 4-5 electricians in the house to do what is available, […]


John & Marlene – The interior doors have been re-installed after finishing, and the hardware and door stops installed.  I ordered baseboard door stops from Carol at RMH today (the inexpensive Deltana brand, not the $60/ea. RMH ones!).  Also met with John Bero from Shutters & Shades II today, and he measured for the motorized […]


John & Marlene – Another snowy week, but nothing like last week!  The baseboard is done except in the garage, and that should be finished by the end of tomorrow.  The painters are working in the Master Suite, and finishing up lacquering the trim and doors.  The cabinet installers are done except for the added […]


John & Marlene – Wow, did we have some winter this week.  The Pass was closed Mon. and Tues., so we only had one painter show up those days.  Yesterday and today we were back at full strength.  The painters will have all of the doors finished by tomorrow, and ready to be re-installed.  The […]


John & Marlene – A little reprieve from the snow this week.  The cabinet installers will finish up tomorrow, and will just have the added shelves in Closet 219 to do once that unit is built.  The painters will be spraying the final coats of lacquer this weekend on the woodwork, and then it will […]


John & Marlene – The heavy snow this week didn’t do us any favors. Kevin finished the floors over the weekend, and we got the protection down so that people could work.  The cabinet installers got a few days in, and were planning to be done by now, but they’ve been unable to make it […]


John & Marlene – The cabinet installers were all over the house this week – installing cabinets in the Master Closet, Master Bath, Jr. Master Closet, bedroom closets, Pantry, Ski/Mud Room, and Garage.  We will even see the Pantry cabinets back tomorrow, after they took them back to the shop to cut them down in […]


John & Marlene – Winter got serious this week, with lots of snow and wind.  The tile sub. sealed the Master Bath Floor, and is done except for sealing a few areas that the painters have masked off.  The painters are finishing the last coat of lacquer upstairs, and are putting the final coat on […]


John & Marlene – The painters are working to finish the upstairs, and will be spraying another coat of lacquer on the trim upstairs this weekend.  The custom cabinets by Josh Weltman were installed yesterday.  The Laundry Room cabinets will be installed by next Wed., and then Neal will template for the granite countertops.  The […]


John & Marlene – Always amused that today is the first day of winter, and we’ve been dealing with it for months!  While we got off to a good start with the snow in November, it has dropped off a bit this month.  The cabinet installation is in full swing, with the Kitchen installation finishing […]


John & Marlene – The wood flooring is done on the main level, and the installer is starting on the balcony.  The trim on the doors and windows is done, along with the baseboard upstairs.  The baseboard in the wood flooring area will follow, after the floor is sanded and finished.  The barn wood has […]


John & Marlene – Clear and cold this week, which is OK as we are working inside!  Paul is done with the interior casing and some of the baseboard.  He is working on the barn wood paneling in the Jr. Master at the moment.  The painters are working on stain and lacquer on the window […]


John & Marlene – The interior trim is continuing, with 5 doors and 5 windows remaining to be trimmed.  Paul has started the baseboard in the Laundry, as that requires it to be scribed to the uneven slate floor.  I think he was just looking for something a little more challenging to do!  The tile […]


John & Marlene – Short week for most of the crews, although there may be a few working on Friday.  The masons are continuing on the front walkway, and should finish up in a few more days.  The tile is continuing in the Jr. Master Bath, and I picked up the floor tile for the […]


John & Marlene – Clear and cold this week, with the warmest part of the day being just before the sun goes over the mountains.  The interior casing is continuing, with the upstairs almost done.  The casing is also done in the Kitchen/Dining/Living area, and baseboard will start next week.  The baseboard will go quickly. […]


John & Marlene – Starting to look and feel a bit more like winter.  Snow to the valley floor this week, but supposed to be dry next week, and close to 40º by the end of the week.  Paul is moving along on the interior trim, and will be done upstairs in a few days. […]


John & Marlene – A busy week, as winter is knocking at our door.  The excavator finished up around the house, building the berm out back, prepping the front walkway for the stone, and final grading.  The HVAC crew fired up the gas boiler, and we are now heating with radiant floor heat on the […]


John & Marlene – The painters are continuing with the interior staining on the trim, windows and doors.  The tile crew is finishing the two guest baths, and will be moving into the Guest Master Bath as soon as the painters move out of that area.  They have most of the Master Bath floor tile […]


John & Marlene – Cool and a bit wet this week, but supposed to be nice for your visit next week.  We are still waiting on the paving, supposed to happen on Monday.  The wood flooring is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, and will go in the garage until the mason is done with the […]


John & Marlene – October has arrived with a change in the weather.  Windy and cooler this week, and now the moisture has arrived.  At least this should put out the forest fires.  The wet weather pushed the paving schedule back, so now we are just waiting for a break, which may not come for […]


John & Marlene – Our nice weather continues, which is great for construction and playing, not so good for the fire fighters to our south in the Bondurant area.  The excavator ran the power conduit for the well this week, and prepped for the driveway paving.  We keep getting moved up in the paving schedule, […]


John & Marlene – The painters are working on the windows, and prepping the timbers for stain.  The tile sub. is finishing the prep. for tile, and will start installing in the upstairs bathrooms tomorrow.  Weber Drilling will be onsite Monday to run the water line from the well to the house, and Powers Excavation […]


John & Marlene – The drywall is getting primed, and they should be done with that step by the end of next week, if not sooner.  The tile sub. is finishing up the shower pans, and will be ready to start setting tile as soon as it arrives.  The door are built, and they are […]


John & Marlene – The drywall crew is texturing this week, and should be close to being done by tomorrow.  The tile sub. has started to prep. the showers and tub areas, and will start building the shower curbs tomorrow.  The HVAC crew set the fireplace today, and raising it up a foot really helps […]


John & Marlene – The drywall crew is just about done with the taping, and has started to texture in some areas.  The tile subcontractor and I did a walk through today, and he will be giving me his square footage amounts for each area.  We will then determine if we will be ordering the […]


John & Marlene – The drywall is almost all installed, and the finishing crew is starting to tape.  They will have texture samples for you to review early next week.  The gas fireplace was scheduled to arrive today, now I’m told it will be here by Tuesday next week.  Once that arrives, and is installed, […]


John & Marlene – The insulation is done, and the drywall is being installed.  The electrician flipped the electrical panels into the hallway, and the plumber has been finishing up the last of his rough-in.  The tub should be here next week, and he will get that set.  The fireplace chase is mostly framed, and […]


John & Marlene – Happy Summer Solstice!  Perfect day here today, although we did get some rain this week.  The carpenters are wrapping up the framing/ext. finish, and will be done next week, until the drywall is finished and they can start hanging doors and starting the interior trim.   They are working on the […]

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