John & Marlene –

Sorry that I can’t seem to download photos this morning! Just went by the house and took my weekly update photos, but I can’t transfer them to the computer. Very frustrating. Everything from fonts to background colors changed on my computer this week. Hopefully on Monday, with Lindsey’s help, I can get back to normal. Or, learn the new normal!

The painters are set-up in the garage to start painting the railings today. They are done in the house, until the final touch-up after the countertops are installed, and then punch list. Neal has set the countertops in place, and is supposed to be finished today (not holding my breath). I marked out all of the faucet locations yesterday. We’ve received all of the exterior sconces, and the fans, from Jody. The electricians will be onsite next week to install what we have. I will have the boot dryer installed on Monday – I’ve installed the blocking and just need to re-route the power cord out the bottom of the unit, and bolt it to the wall. All of the plumbing fixtures are onsite, and as soon as Neal is done, the plumbers will trim out. We should be installing railings next week. The snow is almost gone from the site, and hope to start installing the steel on the chimney next week, also. – – – Dave

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