John & Marlene –

Wow, did we have some winter this week.  The Pass was closed Mon. and Tues., so we only had one painter show up those days.  Yesterday and today we were back at full strength.  The painters will have all of the doors finished by tomorrow, and ready to be re-installed.  The trim carpenters will then install the hardware and door stops.  They are still installing baseboard, and Paul will start the railings next week – we just got him a deposit check and he is ordering the steel.  Neal was supposed to install the bathroom countertops this week, but his schedule was set back by the snow, and is now planning on next week.  The cabinet installers also were not able to get to us early in the week, and I’ve been trying to contact them to find out why they are not here to finish up.  They may be waiting for the shelf unit in the upstairs closet to be done before they return.  The washer & dryer will be installed early next week, and the rest of the appliances are ready when we are.   – – – Dave


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