John & Marlene –

The interior trim is continuing, with 5 doors and 5 windows remaining to be trimmed.  Paul has started the baseboard in the Laundry, as that requires it to be scribed to the uneven slate floor.  I think he was just looking for something a little more challenging to do!  The tile is done in the Jr. Master Bath, and the floor in the Powder Room is almost done – they came up a few tiles short, and had to order another box.  The painters are continuing with the stain on the trim and ceilings, and the interior doors.  The plumbers were back this week, working in the Mechanical Room hooking up the water heaters.  The electricians also were onsite to install temp. switches and light bulbs so we can see our way around early and late in the day, as we don’t have as much daylight with the days getting shorter.  The wood flooring sub. is getting started, so we had a big clean-up this week on the main level to get ready.  The masons finished the front walkway – hard to get a good picture of it as the snow is starting to pile up!  – – – Dave

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