John & Marlene –

October has arrived with a change in the weather.  Windy and cooler this week, and now the moisture has arrived.  At least this should put out the forest fires.  The wet weather pushed the paving schedule back, so now we are just waiting for a break, which may not come for a week or more.  The excavator installed the waterline this week, and was able to find the stub-out to your lot, so they did not have to cut the pavement.  They will have one patch where the gas line ran across the street, and that will be patched with the driveway paving.  The well driller set the pump in the well, so just need to get the electrician to hook-up the power, and we will have water.  The HVAC crew is installing the natural gas boiler in the Mechanical Room, so we should have the floor heat working in a week or two.  That’s good timing, as the wood flooring arrives on the 15th of this month, and we’d like to let it sit for awhile over the warm floor before installing.  The painters are continuing with stain and lacquer on the windows and doors.  The garage doors were installed over the weekend, and just need a few pieces on the exterior stained.  The steel for the fireplace chimney was supposed to arrive this week, but they are waiting for some more material to complete the order.    The tile sub. is moving along, and has started the slate floors on the main level.   – – – Dave

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