John & Marlene –

The drywall crew is just about done with the taping, and has started to texture in some areas.  The tile subcontractor and I did a walk through today, and he will be giving me his square footage amounts for each area.  We will then determine if we will be ordering the tile locally, or having Jody coordinate the order from Mediterranean Tile & Marble.  The damaged gas fireplace was picked up today, and the new one is due here on Monday.  It will be nice to get that installed and buttoned up.  The mason has ordered the thin stone veneer for the interior stonework.  I also did a walk through with the flooring installer/finisher, and he will be getting me his proposal early next week.  He is suggesting going with 3″-4″-5″ white oak, which is close to the widths of the sample that you looked at, which was 4″-5″-6″.  In his opinion, the narrower profiles yield a better looking floor, as the mill can cut out more of the sapwood and imperfections if they are not milling for the wider widths.  It will also be more stable over the radiant floor heat, and the crawlspace, which will get damp in the spring time, as we saw this year.  Let me know your preference.  The interior doors are only a week or two from being delivered, which is pretty amazing as we just ordered them!  Our door builder had a similar order in superior alder, so he bumped our order up and did them together, which will be a big help to us.  It will be nice to get the front doors set, so we can finish up the siding in that area.  We should also be starting the chimney finishes later next week, inside and out, after the fireplace is installed.  – – – Dave

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