Marino Farrell 6/28/19

Edward finished the oak paneling in the master this week – and the cabinet guys mostly finished up the remaining details. They will be back Monday for the final touch up. The plumber finished up all the faucets, sinks, shower components, and master tub, and turned the water on. The mechanical crew finalized and turned […]

Marino Farrell 6/21/19

The landscapers worked on the entry walkway this week, and finished planting the grasses and moss on the south side of the house. They plan to wrap up the edges of the walkway once the driveway is paved. The plumbers completed quite a bit of fixture install, and prepped all the vanities  for when the […]

Marino Farrell 6/13/19

The painters wrapped up their final coat on the living room on Monday, and have transitioned to working on painting/finishing the doors. The electricians have been back this week working on trim out. They wrapped up all the hard wire tasks in the crawlspace on Monday and spent the last three days finishing up most […]

Marino Farrell 6/7/19

Good progress this week on landscaping and cabinets. Woodland cabinetry has all the cabinets installed except for the entry closet and the floating shelves in the bedrooms They’ll be back in a week to finish those up. The painters have been chipping away at more prep, and painting the living room. They will keep working […]

Marino Farrell 5/31/19

This was a short week with the holiday on Monday. The exterior crew finished up the last of the decking this week, as well as the deck fascia and the front entry steps. They installed the front door, and finished up the siding around it. The mechanical screen fence has been started as well. The […]

Marino Farrell 5/23/19

Monday started out with 2″ of snow on the ground and we’ve been struggling to pull out of the downward wintery spiral every since. This week has been cold, windy, gray, rainy and snowy. Despite this, the crew working on the deck finished up all the deck boards and are installing deck fascia today and […]

Marino Farrell 5/16/19

The sheetrock crew wrapped up their work (wall texture and final sanding) over the weekend, and were cleaned and ready for the painters. Next time they return they will be working on finishing the exterior porch soffit that is sheetrock. The painting crew has started masking off windows, door jambs, and the floor in preparation […]

Marino Farrell 5/9/19

The excavators have been on site this week doing the final grading around the house. They also re-shaped the berm with all the remaining material on site. We are now ready for the landscapers to begin some preliminary work – installing irrigation, drain rock, metal edging – and Steve O’Brien should mobilize tomorrow. The carpenters […]

Marino Farrell 5/3/19

This week was nice weather, but included a couple mornings of fresh snow! Not unheard of in May, but we’re ready for some real spring. The drywall crew is making progress on the taping and mudding. This process is quite detailed, as they have to mask off all the baseboard, jambs, and shadowline to make […]

Marino Farrell 4/25/19

Nice sunny weather this week, punctuated by a hail and thunder storm yesterday afternoon. Almost all the snow is gone from around Moulton Loop, and the site can hopefully now dry out. The excavators were on site Tuesday and Wednesday to prep the garage apron, mechanical screen pad, and porch step pad. The concrete was […]

Marino Farrell 4/18/19

This week started off with 5″+ of snowfall on Monday and Tuesday, but we’ve recovered nicely. The sun is shining and melting more and more snow on the site. The siding guys completed the garage door siding, and are working on the fasteners, and the remaining pieces of siding on the north west side of […]

Marino Farrell 4/12/19

Two snow storms this week left a couple inches here and there, but the snow isn’t sticking. The site is getting muddier as snow melts in the fields around and the ground is thawing. Hopefully we get some warmer sunnier days soon to start drying things out again. The sheetrock crew has been hard at […]

Marino Farrell 4/5/19

The weather has been alternated between sunny, cold, cloudy and mild, which means spring is hopefully almost here! The siding crew has enjoyed the longer days and have completed the south and master wings, as well as the front entry. They have another week to go and then should start in on the decking. The […]

Marino Farrell 3/22/19

The carpenters wrapped up installing the last of the doors this week. The pivot doors in the mudroom and the garage entry door were the last ones to go in. Now they have moved outside and are working on siding. Hopefully the nice weather continues for them. There is still a lot of snow on […]

Marino Farrell 3/15/19

This week was mostly sunny and cold, with only one quick storm on Tuesday. The trim carpenters finished the pocket doors, and have moved on to the pivot doors. Because there is no trim on the doors or base, they have been making a lot of small adjustments and tiny fixes to the framing as […]

Marino Farrell 3/8/19

Another foot of snow came down at the site early this week, but not before we had the loader out there for half the day on Monday. The driver and I worked hard for several hours pushing snow back from the house and decks in preparation for siding in the coming weeks. Some of the […]

Marino Farrell 3/1/19

This was another extremely short week. Teton Pass was closed Monday and Tuesday, so no one was on site except me. I spent 2 hours shoveling snow away from the windows on the north deck. Wednesday and Thursday the carpenters were able to finish up the base in the bedrooms, and start hanging a couple […]

Marino Farrell 2/22/19

Another short week with President’s Day on Monday, but we still managed to get a little bit of everything weather-wise – sub-zero cold, snow, wind, sun. The trim carpenters made good headway and mostly wrapped up the baseboard. They finished hanging all the swinging doors, and we took delivery of the remaining pivot and pocket […]

Marino Farrell 2/15/19

This was another week of crazy snowy weather. We had blizzard-like conditions again for most of the week, with the pass closing a couple times, and for the entire day today (Friday). We also had 40° temperatures and intermittent rain. Despite the bad road conditions all over the valley, the trim crew was able make […]

Marino Farrell 2/8/19

Last week was a fairly quiet one on the site. The HVAC guys finally wrapped up their work in the crawlspace, and will return when the appliances are installed to tie in dryer and stovetop venting. The tile crew finished up the bathrooms, and will return later to seal all the tile. This week has […]

Marino Farrell 1/25/19

Another week with more snow! It’s hard to stay on top of the plowing and shoveling with all the wind out at the site, but we’re keeping at it. The trim carpenters made several trips out this week to start prepping for base, sills, doors, and the wood paneling. We had a few of the […]

Marino Farrell 1/19/19

We had quite a bit of snow this week fall in the valley. Valley Hardwoods has finished with the flooring install. They also completed the install of the wooden floor vents, so everything is ready when they return for sanding and finishing. We then spent half a day covering the flooring with protective ramboard. The […]

Marino Farrell 1/4/19

Happy New Year! The flooring crew is making great progress this week. They’ve finished the master, closet, powder and most of the great room. The flooring looks great – just the right amount of “character” and long length boards. They should wrap up by the end of next week with the install. The tile crew […]

Marino Farrell 12/28/18

The site was pretty quiet at the beginning of this week, except for some snow falling. The tile guys were able to get some more tile laid, and they grouted several rooms as well. The flooring guys mobilized on Thursday and have done their layout. They should get started laying flooring today and we’ll see […]

Marino Farrell – 12/20/18

The flooring has arrived! The delivery truck showed up yesterday and Kevin and three helpers (including me) unloaded the entire truck by hand! The flooring looks beautiful and Kevin seems very happy with the delivery. It will spend a week acclimating, and they should start the install after Christmas. Kathy and I had a quick […]

Marino Farrell 12/14/18

The sheetrock crew wrapped up their install this week of the ceiling and most of the upper walls. They will return to hang the lower walls once the flooring, doors, baseboard, and sills are installed. The electrician returned and put down the floor heat wire in the master bath, and the tile guys finished laying […]

Marino Farrell 12/7/18

Very cold this week with temperatures below zero, but we’re working inside! The drywall crew made good progress on hanging the ceilings and some of the walls. They will continue through next week. When they’re wrapped up, we should start to see some of the tile and flooring go in. The HVAC crew is still […]

Marino Farrell 11/30/18

Lots of snow on the site now, with 12” falling over the long weekend. The HVAC crew has been on site, continuing to work on ducting in the crawlspace. The plumber finished up the shower drains and shower valves, and the valves for the master tub. Weber Drilling came back on Wednesday to set the […]

Marino Farrell 11/16/18

The insulators finished up foam in the crawlspace this week, and did a big clean up. The garage entry door was delivered Wednesday and the carpenters returned to install it Thursday; they did a little more miscellaneous framing work to prep us for sheetrock. We hope to have the sheetrock delivered next week, but it […]

Marino Farrell 11/9/18

A lot happening on site this week. 10″ of snow fell on Wednesday, and temperatures have plunged since then. Absolute Foam Insulation started prepping Monday morning by covering all the windows, doors, and floor with plastic. By Tuesday morning they were spraying foam, and will continue through next week. Not much else can happen inside […]

Marino Farrell 11/1/18

Winter descended on the valley this week. Monday brought wet snow to the valley floor and cold temperatures that persisted through the week. We passed the electrical rough-in inspection first thing Monday morning, which paved the way to passing our final framing, plumbing, and mechanical inspection on Thursday. We are now ready for insulation first […]

Marino Farrell 10/26/18

Busy week at the site, with a team of 5 to 6 electricians working to finish up rough-in this week. All of the wires, including low voltage for the Lutron system, shades, and thermostats, have been pulled. The plumber is wrapping up running all the water lines and installing rough-in valves for the plumbing fixtures, […]

Marino Farrell 10/19/18

Another week of beautiful weather – no sign of winter yet! Rough-in is progressing well – the electricians have pulled almost all of the home runs to the panels, and continue to hook up fixtures and outlets. Lower Valley hooked up the service on Thursday, so we have power in the building now. Mtn. West […]

Marino Farrell 10/11/18

More rough-in progress this week, with the electricians finishing boxing out 95% of outlets, cans and switches. Karen and I will do a walk-through next week to approve all locations and go over any conflicts/issues. They also installed the electrical panels in the garage, and we are on the schedule with Lower Valley for them […]

Marino Farrell 10/4/18

This week the electrician, plumber and HVAC mobilized for rough-in. The plumber installed the waste/vent lines, and the electrician began boxing out for outlets, switches, and light fixtures. The HVAC crew cut most of their supply/return ducts in the floor, and delivered the bulk of their duct work to the site. They also set both […]

Marino Farrell 9/27/18

The framing crew was busy this week – they finished installing the rest of the large sliding glass door units, and the rest of the windows. They added the dropped soffit over the kitchen cabinets, dropped ceilings, framed in various mechanical chases, finished temp plywood on the decks, and added sheetrock and siding blocking anywhere […]

Marino Farrell 9/21/18

This week the framing crew continued with the window install. The remaining sliding doors from Pella arrived on Wednesday, and had to be assembled. They should have the last of the windows installed early next week. The plywood backing for the metal soffit is also complete, as well as blocking for the siding. The crew […]

Marino Farrell 9/13/18

All structural framing was wrapped up this week. The guys finished the north porch roof framing on Monday, and continue to work on deck framing. They are also starting on plywood on the soffits, siding blocking, door framing, and other miscellaneous items. The Pella window delivery arrived today, and we unloaded all window/door units except […]

Marino Farrell 9/7/18

This week the crew continued to work on framing. The roof framing is quite intricate, and it’s coming together great. The front entry roof has been completed – this roof area, as well as the rest of the roof over the house, was sheeted with plywood. They have also finished the deck framing at the […]

Marino Farrell 8/24/18

The framing crew continued this week with cooler temps, some rain, and lots of smoke. They installed the posts at the front entry and several of the major beams that carry the roof load. They finished the wall sheathing and have been taking care of additional blocking, holddowns, and bracing now that the trusses are […]

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