Marino Farrell 2/8/19

Last week was a fairly quiet one on the site. The HVAC guys finally wrapped up their work in the crawlspace, and will return when the appliances are installed to tie in dryer and stovetop venting. The tile crew finished up the bathrooms, and will return later to seal all the tile. This week has been a rather short week for work, due to the 36″ of snow we received in 48 hours. We have been shoveling and plowing the site to stay on top of the snow drifts. Teton Pass was closed all day Monday and part of Tuesday, and again Wednesday evening, due to avalanches and avalanche mitigation work. Our trim carpenters commute from Teton Valley, so they were unable to get to the site until Tuesday afternoon. They are working on prepping door openings, as well as starting to install baseboard and window sills. We have been ramping up communication with Karen and Kathy regarding finish details, as it becomes increasingly important to coordinate as things arise in the field. I am working on pricing and samples for the metal fireplace surrounds, wood paneling, and cabinet colors.

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