Marino Farrell 9/27/18

The framing crew was busy this week – they finished installing the rest of the large sliding glass door units, and the rest of the windows. They added the dropped soffit over the kitchen cabinets, dropped ceilings, framed in various mechanical chases, finished temp plywood on the decks, and added sheetrock and siding blocking anywhere they could. Now that they have the details for the fireplace walls, they will also get started on those. They also installed a temporary front door, and continue to work on framing shade pockets. We plan to have most rough-in trades on site next week, and they will overlap the final days of the framing crew. We’ll do a walk through with them all to see if we can find any more framing conflicts or additions that can be made before they leave. We should also see a mock-up of the metal soffit panels on Friday or Monday that you can take a look at at your leisure.


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