Marino Farrell 5/31/19

This was a short week with the holiday on Monday. The exterior crew finished up the last of the decking this week, as well as the deck fascia and the front entry steps. They installed the front door, and finished up the siding around it. The mechanical screen fence has been started as well. The painters have completed the garage, guest bedrooms & bathrooms, hallway, master suite, and office. They should be able to wrap up the living room next week. The cabinet installer was out sick with strep throat all week, so we were not able to install any more cabinets, or template the remaining countertops. Hope to finish this up first thing next week. The fence posts have been set and that crew will return later this month for the fencing wire. The landscapers have spread topsoil and installed irrigation around the house, and completed the drip strip of river rock on the south side. They’ll continue with plantings, entry walkway, and sod through the next couple weeks.



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