Marino Farrell 11/9/18

A lot happening on site this week. 10″ of snow fell on Wednesday, and temperatures have plunged since then. Absolute Foam Insulation started prepping Monday morning by covering all the windows, doors, and floor with plastic. By Tuesday morning they were spraying foam, and will continue through next week. Not much else can happen inside while they’re spraying, but the roofers were able to finish up the metal panel install, and the excavators mobilized back on site to dig and set the septic tank, and install the leach field. The county inspected the system yesterday, and Powers will continue backfilling and grading out the area. He also started piling up material for the berm with the material displaced from the septic and leach field. With all of the excavation work now complete, we’ll just have final grading, final driveway, and berm-making in the spring.

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