Marino Farrell 5/16/19

The sheetrock crew wrapped up their work (wall texture and final sanding) over the weekend, and were cleaned and ready for the painters. Next time they return they will be working on finishing the exterior porch soffit that is sheetrock. The painting crew has started masking off windows, door jambs, and the floor in preparation to start spraying. They also put the four accent wall samples up on the living room fireplace wall for our review. The first cabinet delivery arrived on Tuesday, and took all afternoon to unload. The cabinets look great – the installer started prepping today for the floating vanities and shelves. The front door has finally landed as well. It took 6 guys to unload from the truck and carry into the house – it looks beautiful! I had Powers Excavating drop one truckload of dirt on the south/garage side of the berm this afternoon, and I think the berm is now well placed and filled out. Steve O’Brien is staging materials and equipment on site this week and will have a full crew next week; they can finish the final shaping of the berm at that time.


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