Marino Farrell – 12/20/18

The flooring has arrived! The delivery truck showed up yesterday and Kevin and three helpers (including me) unloaded the entire truck by hand! The flooring looks beautiful and Kevin seems very happy with the delivery. It will spend a week acclimating, and they should start the install after Christmas. Kathy and I had a quick meet up on Monday to discuss a few details and make selections for the tile grout. The tile is looking great – but the tile guys will pull off for a couple weeks now while the flooring goes in. The mechanical crew is still on site working mostly in the crawlspace. They finally got the master fireplace installed, and have everything painted and ready for the floor install. We have finalized the shade order, the door hardware order, door delivery, metal siding, and are close to finalizing the cabinet shop drawings. I will be out of town the next two weeks, but subs should continue working, and I will try to have Dave snap some photos for you. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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