Marino Farrell 6/13/19

The painters wrapped up their final coat on the living room on Monday, and have transitioned to working on painting/finishing the doors. The electricians have been back this week working on trim out. They wrapped up all the hard wire tasks in the crawlspace on Monday and spent the last three days finishing up most of the outlets, switches, and fixtures. They’ve trimmed out the garage, most of the exterior, and are hooking up smoke detectors. They will be here through all of next week as well to finalize wiring of the appliances, fireplaces, air conditioners, furnaces, etc. Matt from Sound Decision did a walk-through this morning, & met with Spectrum to get internet and cable hooked up and tested. The flooring crew was back on Tuesday morning and they’ve been hard at work filling knot holes & cracks, and sanding in multiple passes. The floor looks really great – it’s so exciting seeing it uncovered after months and months to get the finishing touches on it! They will put the sealer on it tomorrow and a final coat on Monday or Tuesday. The landscapers finished spreading all the topsoil around the property, and completed the irrigation system. They took out the edging and irrigation on the west side of the house that is now enclosed in the fence. Fence crew was also back and extended the fence around to the master bath corner per plans. We were able to approve the hearth color sample┬átoday, and it should go in to fabrication next week. We’ll hope to see it installed by the end of the month.



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