Bob & Stacey – Late day yesterday getting ready for the final wall pour, setting embeds and blockouts, so the update had to wait until this morning.  The pour is scheduled for Monday instead of today, as originally planned.  The crew has been hitting it hard – they were still working when I left after […]


Bob & Stacey – Despite some crazy weather earlier this week (a dusting of snow up high!), more than half of the foundation walls were poured on Tuesday.  The concrete crew stripped the forms from the outside of the walls yesterday, and will have the inside forms stripped today.  They will start setting forms for […]


Bob & Stacey – The foundation crew is forming the walls and tying the reinforcing steel.  They should be ready to pour the west half of the house by mid-next week.  The excavator has built a pad for the well driller to set his two trucks just off the south side of the driveway, across […]


Bob & Stacey – The footings are poured, and the forms are stripped.  The surveyor put the corner points back on the footings on Tuesday, and the concrete crew is starting the walls.  The attached photos are from early in the week, as I wasn’t sure if Gabriel and I would be back in time […]


Bob & Stacey – The footings are formed, and the concrete crew is tying the reinforcing steel in the forms.  We are scheduled to pour the footings Monday afternoon.  We’ve had a few thunderstorms this week, but they’ve occurred in the evenings, so they’ve not slowed progress.  The surveyor is scheduled to set the wall […]

Morse – 6-25-15

Bob & Stacey – The excavator finished up the structural fill and compaction this morning, and the concrete crew showed up and started to form the footings.  We will be digging for the under slab plumbing tomorrow morning, and should have that backfilled and out of the concrete crew’s way by Monday afternoon.  The electrician […]


Bob & Stacey – Aside from the late start on Tues. due to the thunderstorm the night before, it’s been a good week for the excavator.  The excavation is ready for footing forms from the Guest Master over to the Mud Room crawlspace area.  They should have the Mud Room area done by the weekend, […]


Bob & Stacey – Hopefully you didn’t miss my Weather Delay reports this week.  Despite some afternoon showers – it rained very hard yesterday late afternoon/evening – the excavator has made great progress this week.  The guest wing area is prepped and ready for concrete forms, and they are working on the basement area.  If […]


Bob & Stacey – We seem to be in a drying trend, with only afternoon thunderstorms instead of the all day rains we had recently.  The excavator is digging the crawlspace areas first – the Guest Master wing and the Laundry/Mudroom area.  Nelson Engineering has been onsite the last two days, testing the compaction of […]

Morse – 6-2-15

Bob & Stacey – Steve, Gabriel and I traveled over to Idaho today with one of our local building material suppliers to look at some reclaimed timbers at IGL Reclaimed Timbers.  They have an extensive inventory of reclaimed material, almost all of it Douglas Fir, which is what we want for your house.  They also […]

Morse – 5/21/15

This week was relatively slow due to rainy and wet weather. You can see the standing water on the site in the photos. The road is completed and the excavator has started to dig out the house. You can see the playing field taking shape in the photos as well. We’re currently waiting on shop […]

Morse – 5/14/15

We’ve managed to dodge the scattered showers this week, and the excavator has the driveway completed up to the start of the parking/basketball court, and has started to prep. that area for the concrete slab that will eventually be poured there. Today they were stripping topsoil from the area around the west side of the […]

Morse – 5/7/15

The excavator has the driveway done to just before where it forks in front of the house. He’s been held up by the weather this week, but managed to get in full days on Tues. and Wed. We received the Hardscape/Landscape plans from Hershberger, with the structural details for the walls and terraces included. We’re […]


The excavator has finished clearing and grubbing the site, and is working on the driveway.  They are approaching the firetruck pullout, and should be to the fork in the driveway by later next week.  We’ve been working in the office on the schedule, and drawing up subcontracts.  The landscape plans are being printed, and will […]

Morse – 4/22/2015

     After all the planning, dirt is finally being moved for the start of your new home.  Pete’s Excavation moved onsite last Thursday, and started to clear the road and house site.  Just met with Larry and Gabriel out at the site, and the excavators are continuing to clear and grub the site.  This […]

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