Morse – 4/22/2015

     After all the planning, dirt is finally being moved for the start of your new home.  Pete’s Excavation moved onsite last Thursday, and started to clear the road and house site.  Just met with Larry and Gabriel out at the site, and the excavators are continuing to clear and grub the site.  This entails removing trees and brush, and scrapping up the very top layer of organic matter – mostly grasses at your location.  They are stockpiling this material for removal at the moment, as Teton County still has a weight restriction on Fall Creek Road, and the plan is to load the dump trucks bringing rock and gravel with this material for their return trip.  I just spoke with Roads & Levees, and they are going out today to survey the road and perhaps lift the restriction on the north end of Fall Creek Road.  The north section of the road was rebuilt about 12 years ago, and that work extends from Wilson to right about where the Lazy H Road joins Fall Creek Rd.  I’ll know later today when they call me back if they will be lifting the restriction, and if we can haul to your property.  Got my fingers crossed!  

Continuing to price timbers, flooring, steel & glass doors and get additional bids where we can.  Should be seeing revised architectural and structural drawings soon, along with updated interior elevations.  The weather so far this week has been perfect, although we’re expecting a little precipitation heading into the weekend.  I’ve attached 6 photos that I took on Monday.   Limited by file size on what I can send via email, which is why the website location will be a better portal for viewing photos in the future.   We will be setting up a location on our website where all future photos will be viewed and archived, and I’ll let you know when that’s operational and I’ll send you the link.

– – – Dave Hammond

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