Bob & Stacey –

The footings are poured, and the forms are stripped.  The surveyor put the corner points back on the footings on Tuesday, and the concrete crew is starting the walls.  The attached photos are from early in the week, as I wasn’t sure if Gabriel and I would be back in time from our timber search to take pictures and get them posted.  I met with the Weber Drilling onsite today just before noon, to locate the water well and discuss prepping a pad for their drill rig and pipe truck to set up on.  We have to get the excavator back early next week to build up a level area with gravel off the south side of the driveway near the garage.  We will locate the well just to the west of the future barn location, as shown on the Civil Engineering plans, C2.1.

Gabriel and I covered some ground over the last 2 days, going up to Bozeman on Tuesday to look at several timber yards and a cabinet shop, and Boise yesterday to look at another timber supplier.  The 2 lowest priced suppliers materials were disappointing, and not acceptable to either of us.  We did stop by Montana Reclaimed Lumber while in Bozeman, to see if their material lived up to their bid (they were the highest), and unfortunately, we liked what we saw.  They have a massive inventory, and great looking material.  We did, however, pick up several new leads on reclaimed suppliers, so I sent out our material lists to them for pricing.  Time is getting tight now on ordering, as we will be needing structural timbers by mid-Sept.  I will add the new bids to the spreadsheet as soon as we receive them, then we can re-review our options.  – – – Dave.

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