Bob & Stacey –

The foundation crew is forming the walls and tying the reinforcing steel.  They should be ready to pour the west half of the house by mid-next week.  The excavator has built a pad for the well driller to set his two trucks just off the south side of the driveway, across from the garage, to drill the water well.  They should start next week on drilling the well.  Of course, we’re hoping that we’ll get sufficient flow out of the one well, and a second well will not be necessary.  We just got the latest electrical plans from Helius, and we’ve sent those out to the various electricians for pricing.  We’ve received one more bid on the reclaimed package, but need to adjust that bid as he didn’t have a source for the 14″ x 14″ columns.  Awaiting one more bid, then we will be ready to order!  – – – Dave

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