Morse – 6-25-15

Bob & Stacey –

The excavator finished up the structural fill and compaction this morning, and the concrete crew showed up and started to form the footings.  We will be digging for the under slab plumbing tomorrow morning, and should have that backfilled and out of the concrete crew’s way by Monday afternoon.  The electrician wired in our job site electrical panels to the temporary power panel, so now we have several sources of power for the crews to use.  The steel fabricator delivered the base plates that will be set in the concrete for the columns and moment frames to weld to, so we’ll be ready to set those in the forms when they are ready.  The weather has stayed warm and sunny, bordering on hot in the afternoon.  Supposed to hit the 90’s next week, which we haven’t seen in several years.  We need some clear sailing to make up for all that rain!

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