Bob & Stacey –

We seem to be in a drying trend, with only afternoon thunderstorms instead of the all day rains we had recently.  The excavator is digging the crawlspace areas first – the Guest Master wing and the Laundry/Mudroom area.  Nelson Engineering has been onsite the last two days, testing the compaction of the soil before they give the go-ahead to the excavator to place the 3 feet of  structural fill that the footings & walls will bear on.  Yesterday they were only getting about a third of the compaction that they needed, due to excess moisture in the soil.  This morning they were up to 80% compaction, so hopefully with a little more drying, and more passes with the roller, they will get 100% and be able to place the structural fill.  We received the rest of the steel shop drawings this week, and I’ve been reviewing them.  The structural engineer is also reviewing them.  We will be receiving revised timber bids in the next few days, and will update you on those as we receive them.

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