Granite Ranch-4-8-21

Kurt – The drywall finish will be done by tomorrow, and then the interior painting will follow next week.  The wood flooring is ready, and sitting in Ohio, waiting for a truck.  We should see it later next week. The wood floor should be installed and finished by the end of the following week, 4/23. […]

Granite Ranch-4-1-21

Kurt – It’s been a few weeks since my last update, but now that the ceiling/soffit material has arrived, I though I’d better get with it again.  The carpenters have now finished the ceiling and soffit areas, and only have some exterior deck boards to install, and the int. trim, remaining for their work.  The […]

Granite Ranch-2-18-21

Kurt – We passed the insulation inspection this morning, and the crew is now installing the ceiling/soffit material.  We are using what we can of the material that was removed, and the new material will arrive in 2 weeks.  I’ve attached a few pictures of a potential solution to the ext. trim on the windows, […]

Granite Ranch-2-11-21

Kurt – Sorry I was unable to post an update last Thursday, as I didn’t have my phone cord to transfer my photos to the computer.   The siding is almost complete, and the insulation is underway.  They should finish up later today, and then the carpenters will be back to start the wood soffit/ceilings. […]

Granite Ranch-2-4-21

Kurt – The roofers finished up the shingles on the roof early this week.  The carpenters have set the windows and doors, and started the siding.  The electrician came out to the site this afternoon and went over the job, and measured for materials.  He’s got some questions, so will meet with him either tomorrow […]

Granite Ranch-1-28-21

Kurt – The crew is finishing up the wall framing, and following with the wall sheathing.  They finished the fascia, so the roofers were able to start this morning.  They really appreciate the tent, as it is snowing hard!  It shouldn’t take them long to get the shingles installed.  I spoke with the electrician this […]

Granite Ranch-1-21-21

Kurt – Now that we are into the framing, starting to see some good progress.  The roof framing will be done by tomorrow, they are working on the overbuild areas, and the the area where the roof ties into the Residence cabin.  They will have the fascia on by early next week, so I’ve notified […]

Granite Ranch-1-14-21

Kurt – The roof framing is mostly complete, with just a few small areas to fill in.  The crew will start wall framing tomorrow.  The windows and doors are scheduled to arrive at the Jeldwen warehouse in Idaho Falls next week, so they will be available when we are ready to install them.  Yesterday’s wind […]

Granite Ranch – 12-23-20

Kurt – The framing/log crew worked on log columns, and demolition of the 2 sections of existing roof where the connector will tie-in, this week.  We’ve just about got the structural issues worked out with the Structural Engineer, and once the plate logs are set, progress will improve.  The crew left early today, so they […]

Granite Ranch-12-17-20

Kurt – The log work started today, and they are dry fitting the log columns in front of the Manager’s Residence cabin, getting them located before working on the attachments.  The blocking and plywood is mostly complete at the deck, and the insulator will be out on Monday to look the job over, and see […]

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