Bob & Stacey –

Summertime weather pattern this week, with nice mornings and afternoon thundershowers.  The carpenters are continuing on the fascia and applied timber trim on the exterior, with some interior framing – mostly adjusting for the light fixtures and plumbing.  We were planning on starting the siding this week, but after checking the moisture content, we are racking it inside and putting a heater and fans on it.  Important to get it in the 10 – 12% moisture range before installing, so we don’t have shrinkage problems.  It should be ready to install by Monday. The masons are working away on the stone veneer, and starting to install more of the cap stone under the windows and along the wainscot sections.  The excavator is done with the excavation and prep. work for the front retaining walls, and we should have our first footing pour there early next week.  Really looking forward to having that work and the front porch done, so we can finish the front porch roof and get everything backfilled.  Still a ways to go there, but should move along quickly.  The excavator has moved to the back of the house, where he will prep. for the new section of retaining wall outside of the Living Room, and then start the terrace prep.  Some of the hardscape stone landed this week, and Bonny and Mark came out to review it.  All looked good except for the boulders for the curved retaining walls, so they will replace that material – they are too red.  – – – Dave


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