Zimmerman 5/4/17

We’ve finally had a full week of sun, and the site is dried out (again). The excavator did a site walk yesterday and plans to return later this month to dig the ARU water line, and work on terrace prep and rough grading. Upstairs rough-in has wrapped up. The building inspector did his final inspection and sign off this morning on HVAC, plumbing, and framing. The fire marshall also inspected and signed off on electrical rough-in. All that remains is fire sprinkler inspection Monday morning and we can begin to insulate the west wing. The timber crew finished up the interior timbers and blocking, and the siding crew finished siding, trim, corner boards and belly band across the front of the garage. I met with VideoVision twice to confirm and finalize their scope, and once with Craftsman Cabinets about final details, stain selections, and further changes from your visit last week. The ARU doors are being hung, and the shower tile is almost complete. The siding crew should jump over to the ARU in the next couple weeks as well.




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