Zimmerman 4/7/17

Just when we think spring has sprung… 2.5″ of new snow covered the ground Tuesday morning. It melted quickly, and the site continues to dry out nicely, despite intermittent rain showers. Last Friday we passed a partial rough-in inspection on the east wing, and the insulators completed the spray foam and fiberglass batts on that section of the house. The drywall will be stocked in the house today and Monday, and we hope to start hanging early next week. The west wing of the house is moving along, with the electrical and low-voltage rough-in wrapping up today, with an inspection hopefully early next week. They will then move on to the kitchen/mudroom area, and then the basement. The mason delivered 4 pallets of stone and the second isokern unit, and will be delivering the rest of the stone – 12 more pallets – soon. The window trim is mostly complete, and the carpenters have started putting up siding. The oak trim package for the ARU arrived last Friday, and is stacked and stickered and awaiting install over the coming weeks.




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