Zimmerman 2/23/17

More crazy weather this week, with cold, rain, sleet, snow, high winds, only 1 Teton Pass closure, and a dose of sunshine sandwiched in between. The crew wrapped up the front entry timbers and roof framing early this week, and moved around back to work on the kitchen pergola. The timbers there are complete, and they’re starting in on the rafter structure and 2×6 fir decking above. The exterior finish crew is continuing on soffit and fascia install around the office and front entry areas where the timber crew just finished. We received another delivery of exterior cedar for the window trim and belly bands, which the crew will start in on soon. Watchguard completed all the wired low temp, door, and flood sensors at the ARU yesterday, and the insulators installed the rest of the sound batt insulation today on the interior walls. The sheetrock crew will begin hanging on Monday. HVAC located and cut out the remaining RA and floor supply locations, and continued running ductwork in the crawlspace and basement floor joists. The electrician worked on installing rough-in boxes for all the interior light fixtures and cans. This will allow the fire sprinkler crew to mobilize and start locating their heads.




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