Zimmerman 1/5/17

More winter weather extremes, with 6 more inches of snow early in the week, and -25° at the site this morning (and tomorrow as well). We’ve got a good jump on snow removal/management, but several more feet of snow are expected by mid next week. The crew continues to work on the interior framing, jumping outside to work on timbers as conditions allow. They have the basement walls complete, and will move upstairs to work on the master/office wing framing next. The windows without concealed shade pockets have been installed, with the remaining units hopefully installed first thing next week. The insulators returned to finish the blow in insulation in the ARU ceiling, as well as caulk and spray foam around all windows and cracks. I had productive meetings throughout the week with HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Security, and AV subs in preparation for rough-in this month.




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