Zimmerman 12/22/16

While it’s currently -20° at the site this morning, the sun is shining and the crews are trying to make progress. We had another 6″ of snow with high winds on Tuesday, and yesterday was a balmy 22° with sunshine. Framing progress has continued on the main house timbers and ridge vent. Tyvek is going up around the main house walls, and the roofers are on site to dry in the main house roof. At the guest house, the electricians, plumbers and HVAC passed their rough-in inspection. The insulators arrived on Wednesday and got to work caulking the framing and protecting the windows and jambs with plastic. They heated up the house and sprayed the 4″ of foam insulation on the exterior walls, and will continue with the blow-in ceiling insulation. Next week should be a short week with most people taking Monday off for Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone!



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