Bob & Stacey –

The excavator finished up the basement slab prep. yesterday, and the insulator is spraying down the 3″ of foam today.  He will finish tomorrow, and then the wire mesh will be installed on Tuesday, with the hydronic tubing tied to the mesh once it’s installed.  We should be pouring the basement slab early the following week (week of the 14th).  The plumber was out yesterday to pressure test all of the under slab plumbing ahead of the insulation, and everything was good.  The excavator is continuing with the perimeter drain system, and backfilling part way up the foundation walls.  We will finish the drain mat on the garage next week, and then the garage will be backfilled and the garage slab prep. will start.  The roof trusses for the garage were ordered yesterday, as we want to get the garage framed and dried in ASAP, so we have a shop and storage area.  The well driller is still on the well, they’ve gone through 200′ of granite that was below the clay, and are now into basalt.  Should have the well done by next week.  The majority of the first floor framing material is onsite, with the final truck load coming out tomorrow.  The framing crew will be starting right after Labor Day, on the 8th of Sept.   I know we’re all anxious for the framing to begin!   —–Dave

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