Harris 8/27/15

Walls are going up! The crew framed most of the exterior walls this week, and will move on to sheeting the walls tomorrow. We received heavy rain yesterday afternoon, which caused the framers to stop work at lunch time. Luckily we were able to set the garage steel prior to the downpour. The steel fabricator also delivered the rest of the steel package, including the timber connectors and two steel window headers. The truss package is lined up for fabrication, and the lumber supplier continues to make deliveries to the site – almost every other day – in order to keep ahead of the framers. The wet ground means we won’t be insulating the garage until tomorrow, or early next week, but still hope to pour the slab then.¬†We’d like to get the window and exterior door package ordered early next week as well.

And…I hate to post that last photo, but the fall colors are already appearing!



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