Bob & Stacey –

The well has been completed, and they were able to get a good flow at 300′.  The prep. work in the basement ahead of the slab pour is almost complete, with the hydronic tubing installation going on today and tomorrow.  The slab is scheduled to be poured next Tuesday.  We received the rest of the drain mat for the garage foundation, and that was installed today, and the excavator jumped right on the backfill and slab prep of the garage.  He will then move on to the retaining walls and exterior piers that carry timber columns.  The framing crew is onsite, with some time spent on set-up, they are now starting the floor framing at the Guest Wing and Mud Room area.  As soon as the basement slab is poured, they will increase their crew size and start the floor framing over the basement, and walls and roof at the garage.

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