Harris 9/10/15

Lots of framing progress was made this week. The crew worked a half day on Labor Day, and still made good headway framing the interior walls (upstairs and downstairs), framing and sheeting the second floor exterior walls, and beginning to roll the trusses. Next week, they will split into two smaller crews – one will keep on the trusses, and the other will start in on the garage framing. A separate crew is also onsite this week working on the exterior timbers. They anticipate about a week of work there, and will then move on to interior blocking.

We ordered the windows on Tuesday with the haverstraw color and the brushed chrome hardware. We should see those on site in 5 weeks, which is just in time! The painter has your photo and Chris’s rendering, and will be able to get us some samples next week.

My dog spent some time scouting the creek for your dogs. I think they’re going to LOVE it. Also, I looked and looked for Tim and Robin’s inscription laying claim to one of the bedrooms, but couldn’t find it. So I think they’re all still up for grabs.


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