Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters worked on soffit and siding this week, along with timber trim on the exterior of the stair well, timbers in the Library and Guest Master Bedroom, and continuing framing alterations for the subs.  We are out of siding for the moment, and our supplier has material at the mill in Montana, but we won’t be seeing that for over a week, so it’s on to other tasks.  At this point, we’re committed to matching the material that we’ve already put up, so have to stay with this supplier.  Rough-in on the main floor is underway, with the last of the rough-in on the upper floor interior walls also taking place.  The insulator is almost done on the upper floor, and should be by early tomorrow.  He’s going to insulate half of the Mechanical Room next, which will allow us to cover up those walls and start to hang equipment.  The masons are working on the walls around the stairwell, and the front retaining walls.  The climbing wall is done, at least for the moment.  You may want to add more hand holds to give more options of routes.  Will let you decide when you see it.  The excavator has prepped the Living Room and Family Room terraces, and added gravel to the driveway and re-graded it.  Planning on pouring the terrace slabs next week, except for the hot tub area.  The stone for the terraces may show up this weekend.  – – – Dave

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