Bob & Stacey –

The fascia is completed and the roofers will be onsite tomorrow to dry-in the roof (finally!).  The carpenters have 2 crews now putting up siding.  They have also been adjusting framing inside for the other trades as they rough-in.  The insulator will start on Monday with the spray foam insulation, beginning with the upper roof and the upper level walls.  Tomorrow will be a big clean-up upstairs, moving material and vacuuming out the walls ahead of the insulator.  The new timber columns for the front entry should arrive on Tuesday, so the timber crew will get back on that project.  The rest of the subs. are still roughing-in, and are moving to the lower levels.  The excavator will be back onsite on Monday, to start the terrace prep.  There are a few pictures in this weeks photos that show blue tape on selected rocks on the future climbing wall.  These will be removed and rocks that stick out an inch or two will be replacing them.  There is also a picture of the Cliff Creek fire blowing up this afternoon. – – – Dave

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