Zimmerman 6/16/17

This week the Guest House siding was completed. The roofer delivered a palette of shingles for the gable end shingle siding, and will hopefully get started on that in the next couple weeks. He also delivered the metal chimney cap flashing, which will allow the masons to continue their stone work up to the top of the chimney next week. They are currently finishing up the stone work on the terrace fireplace. They also had the hearth, lintels, and mantel for the exterior delivered today. The interior fireplace is sheeted and ready for the timber mantel and stonework. The electricians and VideoVision have continued work on making up the low voltage panels in the mechanical room. The tile guys are still working in the guest bathrooms, wrapping up the shower floors. The concrete sub poured the kitchen, entry, and mudroom terraces on Wednesday, and the interior doors for the east wing were delivered the same day. Sheetrock has been stocked and the hangers will start hanging tomorrow in the master wing.




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