Bob & Stacey –

It has been a wet week, which has shut down the excavator on the retaining wall excavation.  He is almost done with the prep. for the front walls, with just a few days left to finish that area, then he will move around to the one back wall.  The framing crew has kept busy, finishing framing details on the interior, and working on the soffit and exterior timbers when the weather allows.  The masons are working on the exterior stone veneer, concentrating on the areas under cover to stay out of the rain.  Inside, the electrician, HVAC, and plumbing subs. are continuing with their rough-in.  The weather cleared yesterday, and it looks like we are starting to dry out, with a 20-30% chance of rain through the weekend, with warmer and dryer next week.  We will be starting the fascia next week, it has been too wet to work on it this past week.  Look forward to seeing you next week!  – – – Dave


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