Bob & Stacey –

We are back to winter this week, with almost 4′ of snow falling up high since Sunday.  Quite a bit less at your property, but still enough to put mud season on hold for awhile.  The crew finished up the timbers on the south side of the garage, and framed the walls above the timbers.  We will leave the soffit off this area until the electricians have run wires for the exterior sconces on the timber columns.  The interior framing is continuing, and should be mostly completed by the end of next week.  We will be starting the plumber, electrician, and HVAC subcontractors roughing-in the following week.  The first of two shipping containers with the Zola windows will leave Denver by truck on Monday, so we should be seeing windows onsite by mid-next week.  Our fascia should also be onsite early next week, it’s delivery has been pushed back several times.  We are planning on starting the excavation for the retaining walls as soon as the weather allows.  The Isokern fireplaces are now due to arrive early next week.  – – Dave

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