Zimmerman 3/17/17

We had some warm weather this week, and much of the site has melted out. The topsoil mountains are again visible, and the road and parking areas are free of ice and snow…for now. The roofers mobilized on Monday, starting on the east end of the house and making their way across to the west. They have installed the metal roof and the membrane roof systems, and will continue to work on shakes through next week. All the rough-in trades have been busy as well – plumbers completing roof penetrations and waste/vent lines, and starting to run water lines, electricians finished pulling all home runs to lighting groups in the west wing and have moved back to the east wing to try to wrap up that side of the house, and HVAC running more duct lines (including rec room), exhaust fans, and cutting some RA vents. The timber crew wrapped up the breakfast room pergola and moved inside to start the interior timber work in the office. The carpenters made great headway trimming windows and starting lower belly band install. Monday we expect Video Vision, and the fire sprinkler crew on site, and hope to get Watchguard scheduled soon as well. And this morning was spent in Teton Village loading up the 4 bundles of white oak onto a trailer. It is currently on its way to St. Anthony, Idaho, where we will have the mill unload and unbundle so we can take stock of the product.



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